Mobile Apps

Timeout Timer

A fully customize-able timeout timer with many features including: - The option to create and select individual children for specific timeouts - Adding your own timeout reasons (lying, hitting, etc) - Tracking how many times a child has been on a specific timeout - Choosing the base timeout timer (in minutes) and an increased increment for each subsequent timeout And more! There is no other timeout app that's easier to use with as much customization. A must have for any family.

Billy The Race Car Driver

Billy the Race Car Driver is a children's book app that follows a boy named Billy who gets lost while racing on a new track. Within the book, the child can pick where Billy goes, bringing a new experience every time.

Bridge Jumper

Looking for something to keep your mind distracted while waiting for something? Just plain bored? Need that quick game fix? Then run and jump with Bridge Jumper, but be warned, this game is so addictive you may pass out from lack of sleep before you can stop playing! *Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any missed meetings, appointments, deadlines, work missed, or injuries caused while playing this game because you can't put it down.

Should I do it?

Get (unprofessional) help for making decisions with Should I Do This. Just simply choose the option that best describes your question and reap the benefits of this free assessment.

Choose Wisely!

Entertain and amuse your friends with this simple and yet genius app. With hilarious voice-overs for choosing or not choosing wisely, the app adds a dramatic element to your board or card game, and will undoubtedly improve your playing experience. Whether you’re bargaining in Monopoly, defending in Durak, or betting in Poker, Choose Wisely is an essential addition to your game night.